Discuss whether meat is essential in the human diet

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There is a higher requirement in various disease states and conditions of stress. Apart from differences in the amounts and types of fatty acids in the various kinds of meat, poultry and game their nutrient compositions are similar.

Protein Quality The quality of a protein is a measure of its ability to satisfy human requirements for the amino acids. Not only is the iron of meat well absorbed but it enhances the absorption of iron from other sources - e.

An Australian study found that women who eat red meat are far less likely to develop clinical depression than women who don't. The last two are especially abundant in liver which, together with certain other organs is rich in vitamin A and supplies appreciable amounts of vitamins D, E and K.

Red meat contains mostly a form of iron known as "heme iron," a type of dietary iron that is very easy to absorb and use. When energy intake is inadequate some of the dietary protein is diverted from tissue synthesis to supply energy for general physical activity - this occurs at times of food shortage and also in disease states where food is incompletely absorbed and utilised.

Some people choose to eat no meat or fish. However, it still results in a product with NPU as low as 0. In the earlier literature this was expressed on a percentage scale but with the adoption of the S.

Toxic compounds formed during processing and cooking While cooking is necessary to develop the desirable flavours in meat as well as to destroy harmful organisms the oxidation of fats, especially at frying temperatures, can give rise to compounds that decompose to aldehydes, esters, alcohols and short chain carboxylic acids with undesirable flavours.

However, after infancy people consume a wide variety of proteins from different foods and a shortfall in any essential amino acids in one food is usually made good, at least in part, by a relative surplus from another food - this is termed complementation.

The more fat that builds up, the harder your heart has to work to pump blood. If you're going to eat red meat, try to make it high-quality meat. Some people become vegetarian because they believe that this will benefit their health. Health concerns associated with the consumption of meat Coronary or Ischaemic Heart Disease A major cause of death in some parts of the industrialised world is coronary heart disease CHD and saturated fatty acids have been implicated as an important dietary risk factor.

But what's more, the heme iron in red meat can facilitate the absorption and use of non-heme iron. Harsh Truth: Meat consumption role of meat in the diets Meat consumption Meat consumption is based largely on availability, price and tradition. It's About the Quality Prevention has a list of 10 Reasons to Stop Eating Red Meat, but if you take a look at most of them, you'll find that they have nothing to do with the meat itself.

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There are other sources of protein, and you can get minerals from other foods. These tables also show the relative size of production of the different types of animals involved.Meat-free diets are popular with many health-conscious diners and those with ethical concerns about consuming animal products, but eating meat can be important in your diet.

The human gut with its simple stomach, relatively elongated small intestine and reduced caecum and colon is suggestive of reliance on a high-quality diet in which meat is a predominant component. The size of the human gut relative to body size is also small in comparison with other anthropoids, with a much more pronounced small intestine similar to carnivores (Milton, ; Martin, ).Author: Neil J.

Mann. I - The Role of Meat in the Human Diet - Herbert W. Ockerman, Norma Pensel Abstain from meat as well as stimulants such as tea and coffee, alcohol and tobacco and, many spices. They also do not allow eating between meals. Sikhism Prohibits the eating of beef.

Source: Ockerman and Nxumalo, Table 2. Summary of religious meat and food avoidance. Almost all nutritionists recommend.

Why Is Eating Meat Important in Your Diet?

Undoubtedly, eating too much meat, especially too much red meat, is not to be recommended. Moreover, the fact that there are healthy populations in some parts of the world where no one eats meat proves that it is not, as some people claim, an essential part of the human diet.

However, it is important to ensure that enough protein, for example, is included in the diet from other sources. Where vegetarianism is not a. Meat is not an essential part of the diet but without animal products it is necessary to have some reasonable knowledge of nutrition in order to select an adequate diet.

Even small quantities of animal products supplement and complement a diet based on plant foods so that it is nutritionally adequate, whether or not there is informed selection of foods.

The "meat vs. no meat" debate has raged for years, and will rage on for many more years. It's up to you to do further research and find out more about the meat you eat. Be a smart consumer and learn as much as you can about the safety/dangers of your food.

Discuss whether meat is essential in the human diet
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